Translation studies and practices

Research Projects:

Translation studies supported by a corpus: translation competence and translation descriptions

Description: Translation studies based on three types of corpora: (1) translations of professionals and learners to study the translation competence and its development; (2) from originals and its translations or adaptations for descriptive and theoretical studies; (3) comparable corpora for the study and practice of translation.

Professor in charge: Heloisa Pezza Cintrão (


Spanish-Portuguese-Spanish translation: aspects that affect the future translator, the translation process, and the final product

Description: To observe the diversity of factors that affects future translators, their practices, and the final product of their work: the theory-practice relationship; stereotypes and representations; problems of pragmatic, textual, and discursive order derived from the peculiar relationship between the two languages.

Professor in charge: Neide Therezinha Maia González (