Comparative study of Ibero-American cultural productions

Research Projects:

Comparative study of Latin American narrative

Description: We intend to compare narrative manifestations of different Ibero-American nationalities to establish their common aspects and, from them, especially, check the differences that contribute to define the identity of each one of them. We intend to emphasize those demonstrations regarding the novel genre, considering the hypothesis of its origins being connected to the roots of Modernity, which can be noted in Spanish literature of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Professor in charge: Mario Miguel Gonzalez (


Exile and literary territories in the Ibero-American context

Description: Study of the writing style in the works of exiled authors from the analysis of the structural functions of coexistence of different discursive territories and how they may affect its development. We focus on the analysis of the work of exiled Spanish republicans in the Latin American context.

Professor in charge: Valeria de Marco (


Revisiting Cervantes’ work. Projections of Don Quijote in Brazilian literature

Description: Study on the reception of the work of Miguel de Cervantes in the Brazilian context from different text genres - prose, poetry, and drama - critical studies, and tests.

Professor in charge: Maria Augusta da Costa Vieira (