Historiography and documentation

Research projects:

Archives and history: document management practices

Description: Discussion of principles, standards and concepts that underlie the practices of document management and the policies of protection to the documentary heritage.

Professor in charge: Ana Maria de Almeida Camargo (amcamar22@gmail.com)


Institutional and methodological aspects in the dynamics of Brazilian historiography (1889 – 1940)

Description: The project aims to study the dynamics of Brazilian historiography between 1889 and 1940, exploring the actions of Euclides da Cunha, Afonso Taunay, Oliveira Lima and Theodoro Sampaio in IHGB and in the Historical and Geographical Institutes of the states of São Paulo, Pernambuco, and Bahia. The objective is to contribute to the elucidation of the nexus of continuity and discontinuity between the historiography produced until 1930 and the one marked by the establishment of the university in Brazil, addressing at the same time, aspects of the scientific and political life of the period.

Professor in charge: Paulo Teixeira Iumatti (ptilmatti@usp.br)


Visual culture in the 19th-20th centuries: museums, industrial exhibitions, and cities

Description: Centred on the History of the City of São Paulo, taking into account relations with European matrices, the project aims to understand the cross-cultural dynamics in the process of modernisation. It examines since the movement of objects of consumption until urban issues, exploring several areas in which the practice of exhibitions as material expressions of new world conceptions, in cognitive systems visually apprehensible and its significance in social changes.

Professor in charge: Heloisa Maria Silveira Barbuy (hbarbuy@usp.br)

To name documents: from theory to practice

Description: The identification of documents that integrate certain files is, occasionally, a very complex process. When dealing with State bodies, the correspondence between the formal aspect of the documents and the legal-administrative nature of the acts that precipitated them allows the easily recognition of most documentary types accumulated in their files, especially when it comes to written material in paper form. The reality is quite different, however, when documents use other languages, other media and other techniques of registration, or when institutions and people gather material that escapes the universe of legally relevant relations. The project ‘To name documents: from theory to practice,’ coordinated by Ana Maria de Almeida Camargo and Heloísa Liberalli Bellotto, intends to bring together experts to discuss conceptual and terminological problems, with the prospect of establishing a platform of understanding capable of responding to the needs of Archival Science, Applied Linguistics, Communication and Museology, among other areas equally interested in the naming of documents.

Professor in charge: Ana Maria de Almeida Camargo (amcamar22@gmail.com)


Historical documentation in Republican Brazil

Description: The project focus on different documentary universes that can be studied by historians, with emphasis on Historiography and Political History. It approaches the importance of preserving and disseminating these documents as well as their use for purposes of academic research and teaching in different degrees.

Professor in charge: Marcos Antônio da Silva (marcossilva.usp@uol.com.br)


Teaching of history and memory

Description: The project theme involves research related to History and Memory Teaching, aiming to: 1) History Teaching in public schools, to investigate development processes and notions of historical concepts for children, young people and adults attending basic education; 2) involvement of students in listing and caring for photographs, organizing several collections, researching, selecting themes, and organizing exhibitions to disseminate the history of the university to the community; 3) organisation of part of the textbooks collection (from the 19th century to the present day), belonging to the LEMAD (Laboratory of Teaching and Didactic Material - History], and the disclosure on the internet of a dictionary of authors (who became renowned over editions) and publishing houses involved with this didactic production.

Professor in charge: Antonia Terra of Calazans Fernandes (antoniacalazans@gmail.com)


Oral history and disciplinary relations: procedures and uses

Description: This project aims to gather different studies that fall within the limits indicated by an oral history practice, which combines ‘present history’ with ‘public history.’ Working with ‘oral history of life,’ ‘thematic oral history,’ and ‘oral tradition,’ different projects should answer the basic questions of the conjunction of ‘memory’ and ‘identity.’

Professor in charge: José Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy (jcarlosbm@hotmail.com)


History and regional historiography

Description: The project aims to incorporate studies about several thematic approaches of regional history, proposing the critical examination of historiography produced about these themes. Among the objects privileged by research is the investigation of themes related to the military history of Brazil and its relations with movements and social practices.

Professor in charge: Nanci Leonzo (nleonzo@usp.br)


Document typology in files

Description: Document Typology, in Archival Science, discusses the organic logic of documentary collections in archives, identifying the types of documents that compose them. The document type, being the legal and administrative vehicle with its own diagramming and discourse identifies the provenance and binding to the activities and functions of the producing entity contained in the document. This study is, therefore, useful and indispensable, for both archivists responsible for the organisation and processing of documents, and for historians, so they can understand the context and circumstances of the production of documents they analyse.

Professor in charge: Heloisa Liberalli Bellotto (hbellotto@yahoo.com.br)