Historiography and Literary Criticism

Research Projects:


History and literature in the passage from the 19th to thew 20th century

Description: The project aims to study the impasses of the constitution of a literary field in Rio de Janeiro in the early Republic, from fundamental authors of the letters and the thought of that period and of its writings, especially three works: Um Estadista do Império (1898-99), by Joaquim Nabuco, Os sertões (1902), by Euclides da Cunha, and D. João VI no Brasil (1908), by Oliveira Lima. Such books, at a time of political and social modernisation proposals, invest in the historiographical and essayistic discourse of literary pretensions to represent the nation.

Professor in charge: Ricardo Souza de Carvalho (ricardocarvalho@usp.br)


Mário de Andrade’s epistolography as a literary ‘creation archive’

Description: Development of the research Collected correspondence of Mário de Andrade: collection of scattered letters, reordering, and archival classification of the subseries Active Correspondence at the Mário de Andrade Archive in the Institute of Brazilian Studies of the University of São Paulo (IEB-USP). Annotated edition, preceded by test (PQ-CNPq, 310627/2009-5), this project aims to study the epistolography of the modern polygraph as an archive of literary creation. In a first stage, we intend the exhaustive survey of testimonies of the author, shared in his letters to large number of addressees, from 1921 to 1945, about the history and genesis of his production in the areas of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. The statements will be a subject for critical reflection on the processes of creation of Mário de Andrade, as well as for a deeper understanding of the aesthetic bases supporting the elaboration of his major works, thus enabling the expansion of the interpretive scope of the critical fortune of the author. The research also aspires to offer methodological subsidies to study on the correspondence of writers as a source of research in the field of literary studies, analysing their potential and changes.

Professor in charge: Marcos Antônio de Moraes (mamoraes@usp.br)


Harlequin costume: a biography/‘autobiography’ by Mário de Andrade

Professor in charge: Telê Ancona Lopes (teleal@usp.br)


Reliable noted edition of Crônicas de Malazarte by Mário de Andrade

Professor in charge: Telê Ancona Lopes (teleal@usp.br)


Luso-Brazillian representation practices of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries

Professor in charge: João Adolfo Hansen (joaoadolfohansen@gmail.com)