German as a foreign language: teaching and learning

Research Projects:

Teaching materials and course planning

Description: The project promotes the analysis of curricular proposals for teaching German as a Foreign Language, particularly in what concerns the needs of students and teachers in Brazil. It also studies the conditions of production, circulation, and reception of German teaching materials in the Brazilian context.

Professors: Dörthe Uphoff - in charge - ( and Paulo Sampaio Xavier de Oliveira (


Processes of foreign language acquisition and their consequences for the teaching of German as a foreign language

Description: Study on the cognitive processes involved in the acquisition and learning of German as a foreign language with emphasis on the Brazilian students of German.

Professors in charge: José da Silva Simões ( and Dörthe Uphoff (


The teaching of German for specific purposes

Description: Analysis, development, and implementation of materials and methods for the teaching of German for specific purposes, i.e. the reading of specialised texts and academic German.

Professors: Eva Maria Ferreira Glenk - in charge - ( and Dörthe Uphoff (