Translation and reception

Research projects:


Translation and reception: refractions

Description: A foreign work is refracted or rewritten in many ways in the target culture: critical, simplified or children’s versions, movies, plays, operas, telenovelas, and even video games. This project examines the ways in which foreign works are refracted in Brazil and Brazilian works are refracted in other countries, in addition to studying refractions themselves.

Professor in charges: John Milton (, Álvaro Faleiros (, Claudia Dornbusch (, João Azenha (, Lenita Esteves (, Maria Silvia Martins (


Translation and reception: conditioning factors

Description: This project focuses on the analysis of conditioning factors – historical, social, ethical, political and economic – and their influence on the Brazilian translation production and on the publication of Brazilian works abroad. This includes both macro studies – what has been translated in a certain time or the history of the translations of a certain work – and micro studies, i.e., analyses of the contemporary factors that determined how a work was translated at a certain time.

Professor in charges: Lenita Esteves (, Eduardo Navarro (, João Azenha (, John Milton (