The study of the German language in the Brazilian context

Research Projects:

Lexicography: verbal phrasemes

Description: It consists in preparatory studies for the development of a German-Portuguese and Portuguese-German bilemmatical dictionary of constructions with support verbs, collocations, and idioms.

Professors: Maria Helena Voorsluys Battaglia - in charge ( and Eva Maria Ferreira Glenk (


Invariable words in the German language

Description: It consists in the study of invariable words such as adverbs, particles, prepositions, conjunctions, and discursive markers.

Professors: Eliana Gabriela Fischer - in charge - ( and Maria Helena Voorsluys Battaglia (


Constructions: theoretical approaches

Description: The project promotes the survey and the study of lexical, morphosyntactic and textual constructions in the German language under the perspective of approaches from cognitive linguistics, with particular emphasis on construction grammar and the principles of grammaticalization.

Professors: Eva Maria Ferreira Glenk - in charge - (, Maria Helena Voorsluys Battaglia (, Eliana Gabriela Fischer (, and José da Silva Simões (