Economic organisation and public policies

Research projects:

Agriculture, Modernisation and Public Policies

Description: This project investigates how, from the 19th century, the agricultural production, in the context of the capitalist competition, depended on the establishment of regulatory bodies that sought the implementation of moderniser and market protection policies supports.

Professor in charge: Raquel Glezer (


Economic Growth and State Policies

Description: Study and analysis of the broad of institution and implementation framework of governmental actions, since the 16th century, in the creation, encouragement, and maintenance of production and markets.

Professor in charge: Wilson do Nascimento Barbosa (


Planning, Industrialisation, and Public Policies

Description: Considering that, primarily between 1930 and 1990, the governmental measures to regulate the economy, in particular State planning, constituted an important leverage for industrial growth, the project investigates the development and the implementation of such policies as well as their results in the industrial process.

Professor in charge: José Flavio Motta (


Financial Policies and Economic Organisation

Description: This project focuses its attention on relations regarding capitalism, between the articulations of the public finances and the economic process in general.

Professor in charge: Osvaldo Luis Angel Coggiola (