Poetry in Brazil

Research Projects:

Modernity, tradition, and anachronism in Brazilian lyric poetry of the 1940s and 1950s

Description: Continuing previous research on poetry critic of the 1940s and 1950s, the present project aims to investigate a period of crisis of modernity in the Brazilian context, evidenced in a genre that is considered the very paradigm of modernity (Wolfgang Iser): lyric. This project is the analysis of certain formalist trend, of neoclassical quality, of the immediately post-war Brazilian poetry, verified both in the lyric poetry of great authors of the High Modernism (Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Jorge de Lima, Murilo Mendes ...), and in the new poets of that time, grouped under the common denomination of generation of 1945 (Péricles Eugênio da Silva Ramos, José Paulo Moreira da Fonseca, Bueno de Rivera, Ledo Ivo, Geir Campos...), given by one of their leaders (the poet Domingos Carvalho da Silva).

Professor in charge: Vagner Camilo (vcamilo@usp.br)


Literature and society in the modernist period: Mário de Andrade and Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Description: Continuing the doctoral thesis, this project aims to deepen the investigations regarding the Brazilian Modernism through the analysis of aesthetic and ideological projects of Mário de Andrade and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. By the comparison of point of views on vanguard, modernisation, nationalism, and political engagement (presented both in correspondence and in poems, narratives, and critical texts), we intend to identify, alongside the well-known differences, the dilemmas and perspectives that were shared by the two writers. Such a comparative approach of poetics and ideologies would help clarify the bets and dilemmas of the modernist movement in its involvement with the problems of our political history and social formation.

Professor in charge: Ivan Francisco Marques (ivanmarques@usp.br)


Paulo Henriques Britto’s poetry; Murilo Mendes and the reason of boredom; Comparative studies between Brazilian and French poetry (Drummond and Apollinaire; Murilo Mendes and Ponge; Cabral and Baudelaire)

Professor in charge: Murilo Marcondes de Moura (murilomm@usp.br)


Some detached papers in Graciliano Ramos - fragments of novels from the 1940s

Professor in charge: Erwin Torralbo Gimenez (torralbo@usp.br