Jewish literature and other Artistic Languages and Literatures

Research projects:

Jewish immigration literature in Brazil

Description: The reading that relates the writing of Clarice Lispector with the tradition of Jewish Biblical Exegesis is the main objective of this project. To evaluate which traditional elements live on in her texts and to conduct a survey of the biblical sources that dialogue with them are the purposes of this project, as well as complementing and properly reading the bibliography related to Jewish Bible studies.


Literature and the Holocaust

Description: This is a survey of the most recent authors who work with the Holocaust representation and an assessment of how the form innovates to try expressing a matter that requires some degree of disruption and de-automatisation.

Professor in charge: Berta Waldman (


Modern and contemporary Jewish literature

Description: This project comprises a wide range of modern and contemporary Jewish literatures unrelated to the Holocaust.

Professor in charge: Moacir Aparecido Amâncio (