Translation as a cultural transfer: construction of theoretical data, research methodologies, and interdisciplinary perspectives

Research Projects:

Literature of German-speaking countries in Brazilian translation and vice versa: presentation and critical study of its reception 

Description: This project focuses on the presentation of annotated Brazilian translations of original literary works from German-speaking countries, as well as on the study of the reception of literary works from German-speaking countries translated into Brazilian Portuguese or the reception of Brazilian literary works translated into German. In any of those cases, theoretical concepts and methodological procedures are taken from Translation Studies, Cultural Studies, and Literary Theory Studies.

Professors: João Azenha Junior - in charge - (, Tinka Reichmann (, Juliana Pasquarelli Perez (, and Pedro Heliodoro Tavares (


Translation of specialised language texts: historical, linguistic, and cultural constraints

Description: In this project, we carry out studies on the complex conditioning of texts of specialised language (LSP texts) considering their multiple interfaces with the respective specialised areas, cultures, text genres, and linguistic conventions, as well as their consequences for translation. Its theoretical and methodological bases are taken from Translation Studies, Text Linguistics, Specialised Language Linguistics, and also from fields such as History, Psychology, Law or Health Care.

Professors: Tinka Reichmann - in charge - (, João Azenha Junior (, and Pedro Heliodoro Tavares (


Descriptive studies, translation theory and philosophy of language : fundamentals and mutual relations

The project aims at exploring the relationship between theory and practice in Translation Studies in its most diverse variations (written, oral or audiovisual; technical, literary or scientific etc.). The background is the contemporary discussion about the relation of the concept of language and the theorisation of concrete translation activity. The theoretical contributions are especially drawn from Descriptive Studies, Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Language, dialoguing with areas such as Pragmatics, Textual Linguistics, and Cultural Studies.

Professors: Paulo Sampaio Xavier de Oliveira - in charge - ( and Tinka Reichmann (