Linguistic theory and analysis in its diachronic and synchronic dimensions

Research projects:

Bilingualism and teaching and learning of Japanese and Portuguese as a foreign and second language (FL/2L)

Description: The project aims to research the relationship between bilingualism and the teaching/learning of Japanese and Portuguese in young Japanese-Brazilians who have studied in Brazil and/or Japan.

 Professor in charge: Leiko Matsubara Morales (


Japanese linguistic studies

Description: The project aims to study the different semantic, morphological, syntactic and discursive aspects, as well as questions of the lexicon, of the formation of words of the Japanese language.

 Professors in charge: Eliza Atsuko Tashiro Perez (; Junko Ota (; Leiko Matsubara Morales (; Wataru Kikuchi (


Research and development of a Japanese language textbook aimed at higher education

Description: Based on the results of the previous project ‘Topics of grammar of the Japanese language,’ developed for the area of Japanese Language and Literature, Department of Eastern Languages of FFLCH-USP, the project aims to develop other learning materials to be used in the Japanese Language courses in higher education. In 2012, were prepared lessons with exercises and theory of basic level grammar, used in Japanese Language I and II, at the undergraduate course in Japanese of the University of São Paulo.

 Professors in charge: Junko Ota (; Eliza Atsuko Tashiro Perez ( Wataru Kikuchi (