Theory and methodology of economic history

Research projects:

Concepts and Representations in Contemporary Economic Thinking

Description: Incorporating economic thinking, from, primarily, the 18th century, the project discusses the conceptual reference of the Economy, regarding concrete practices and cultural representations that impart meaning.

Professor in charge: Jorge Luis da Silva Grespan (


Concepts, Temporalities and Objects in the Economy of the Ancient World

Description: From the material production, policies and Thinkers from Antiquity, the project discusses, without theoretical reflection, the economic dimensions of these societies.

Professor in charge: Maria Beatriz Borba Florenzano (


Uses and meanings of Economy in Contemporary Historiography

Description: having in mind the historical production from the 20th century, we analyse the place of Economy in explanatory matrixes, of explicit concepts, and the segments of the performances, projects, and methods used.

Professor in charge: Lincoln Ferreira Secco (