Translation and poetics

Research projects:

Poetics: theoretical aspects of translation

Description: This project has the purpose of identifying and discussing the theoretical and critical aspects involved in the translation of modern and classical works, for the understanding and development of epistemological approaches and principles guiding literary translation studies.

Professor in charges: João Azenha (, Marcelo Tápia (, Maurício Dias (, Pedro Tavares (


Poetics: annotated translation of literary works

Description: This project relates to a long tradition at the University of São Paulo dating back to the 1960s and seeks to present full or parts of classical texts or literary works in annotated translations with contextualisation. The methodology employed in the translation process is discussed and the theoretical framework used is explained.

Professor in charges: Álvaro Faleiros (, Eduardo Navarro (, Luiz Lindo (, Mamede Jarouche (, Mauricio Dias (, Michel Sleiman (, Roberta Barni (