History of knowledge on language and tongues, historiography and linguistic documentation

Research Projects:


The Structuralist Cold War (20th century)

Description: The project aims to systematise issues regarding the production, diffusion, and reception of some of the models of the so-called classic linguistic structuralism, from internal (overview of the language object; incidence of analysis; techniques and

procedures) and external (periodisation; intellectual climate; motivation of the author) parameters.

Professor in charge: Maria Cristina Fernandes Salles Altman (altman@usp.br)


Documenta grammaticae et historiae - Portuguese. Historiographical treatment project of language grammars (from 16th to 19th centuries)

Description: The proposal, based on methodological basis of previous research, aims to constitute a corpus of documentary texts that describe the Portuguese language and improve technical processes of structuring and managing of computational system of the site of the Documenta Project. At the same time, alongside these objectives related to treatment and the provision of sources for Linguistic Historiography, the research includes investigation, through the study of metalanguage, of the formation process, from the 19th century, of a Brazilian school of grammatical description of Portuguese.

Professor in charge: Olga Ferreira Coelho (ofcoelho@uol.com.br)