Power and economic relations in the urban world

Research projects:

Modernisation, Market, and Cultural Manifestations in the Urban World

Description: Taking the urban space as privileged, the project, through a wide range of empirical and monographic studies, seeks the correlation between the levels of growth and market articulations, the degrees of the modernisation processes and the several cultural events in the city.

Professor in charge: Esmeralda Blanco Bolsonaro de Moura (esmeraldamoura@usp.br)


Wealth and Power in the Urban World

Description: Analysis and discussion of the urban manifestations of general construction processes of fortunes often of agricultural and rural origin, but that keep profound relationships with the cities’ life, especially in the constitution of the bureaucratic and political power framework.

Professor in charge: Miriam Dolhnikoff (miriamdk@uol.com.br)


Economic Transformations, Social Changes, and Urban Reconfigurations

Description: Throughout history, the transformations of the urban fabric have been constituted in a kind of testimony of deeper society changes. In this perspective, the project focuses its attention in the study of these evidence seeking the similarities and specificities of the several processes.

Professor in charge: Marisa Midore Deaecto (marisamidori@usp.br)