Cultural studies

Research projects:

Critical literacy and education in a globalised world

Description: This project focuses on the issue of the concept of critical literacy, its current and possible characterisations in applied linguistics. It takes as its starting point the current context of globalisation that results in intercultural flows, crossings, and encounters; in these encounters we approach texts, languages, objects, and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, which require careful and critical processes of mutual understanding and interpretation to avoid the possible conflicts that might arise from the unbridled circulation of values and differences. As such, this project represents a continuation and an improvement on the results of my previous projects: Multimodal Writing: writing as the construction of identity, and my research project for teacher education called Through Other Eyes.

Professor in charge: Lynn Mario Trindade Menezes de Souza (


Multiculturalism, Transculturalism and globalization in English speaking cultures

Description: It focuses  the construction/representation of cultural identities through literary texts. Contemporary narratives are beyond the limits of nation-state and question the concepts of ethnicity, race, class, and gender. The aim is to analyse the new poetics of space and time in narratives that feature a dynamic mutation appropriate to a network society.

Professor in charge: Laura Patricia Zuntini de Izarra (


Critical multiliteracy and teaching

Description: Studies on the concept of literacy in the postmodern, post-industrial, and post-paper industry and its features, contexts, and effects on readers, users of new technologies, and the contemporary education.

Professor in charge: Lynn Mario Trindade Menezes de Souza (


The moment of cultural studies

Description: An examination of the rise of cultural studies and an analysis of some of its critical productivity

Professor in charge: Maria Elisa Burgos Pereira da Silva Cevasco (


Relations between literature and contemporary cinema in the USA

Description: The project aims to establish relationships between the history of the North American left and the literary and cinematic production of the 20th century, with emphasis on the production from the 1960s.

Professor in charge: Marcos César de Paula Soares (