Latin American literature as a process: aesthetic problems and critical debates

Research Projects:

The essay on Latin American literature and its relationship with other speech forms

Description: Study of the essay as a discursive genre in Latin American literature considering configuration processes, thematic groups, and its relation with other discursive records.

Professor in charges: Ana Cecília Arias Olmos ( and Laura Janina Hosiasson (


The fictionalisation of history and its formal and thematic possibilities in Latin American literature

Description: Study on the formal and sense structures that fiction comprises in the wide range of possibilities of reading history such as questions of thematic, temporal, and spatial order and also of enunciation.

Professor in charges: Ana Cecília Arias Olmos ( and Laura Janina Hosiasson (


Narrative praxis in Latin American literature

Description: Study of the literary dialogues from contemporary Latin American genres and aesthetics, with focus on narratives.

Professor in charges: Ana Cecília Arias Olmos ( and Laura Janina Hosiasson (


Latin American literature in the international literary context

Description: Study of the relationship between Spanish written literature in the Americas and other ‘foreign’ modern literatures by analysing the strategies of: 1) universalisation and internationalisation of specific ‘literary’ fields; 2) literary-linguistic displacement caused by exile phenomena, immigration/emigration etc.; 3) reception studies involving Latin American works in foreign contexts or foreign works in the Latin American context.

Professor in charge: Pablo Fernando Gasparini (


Autobiography, memory, and self-fiction in contemporary Latin American narrative and poetry

Description: This investigation thinks about the different strategies of representation and inclusion of the Self in a set of texts by Hispanic American writers published between the 1990s and the present day, sometimes being included in what is called ‘self-writing’ or ‘intimate writing’ (memories, essays, and self-fictional narratives), sometimes allowing a specific question concerning the relationship between poetry and autobiographical memory.

Professor in charge: Adriana Kanzepolsky (