Gender, family, and population

Research projects:

Slavery and Population Dynamics in Brazil

Description: From the specific conditions of several areas of slavery, the project focuses on the population structures and demographic characteristics, regarding production, directing the discussion of slavery in Brazil.

Professor in charge: José Flávio Motta (


Family, Gender, and Social Control in the Labour Market Constitution in Brazil

Description: To study the formation of the labour market in Brazil in the 19th century, stressing the role of family structures and of sociocultural constraints of gender, in the process of labour.

Professor in charge: Esmeralda Blanco Bolsonaro de Moura (


Demographic profiles and Economic Transformations

Description: The project focuses its concerns on the analysis of Brazil’s demographic fluctuations, charting relations with economic changes, dialoguing with historiography and with the technical literature of the area.

Professor in charge: Carlos de Almeida Prado Bacellar (