Linguistic and educational studies

Research projects:

Didactics of French as a foreign language in perspective

Description: Study on the teaching-learning process and the acquisition of French as a foreign language in different periods and contexts.

Professor in charges: Cristina Moerbeck Casadei Pietraróia (, Maria Sabina Kundman (, Tokiko Ishihara (, Paulo Roberto Massaro (, Heloísa Brito de Albuquerque Costa (, Eliane Gouvêa Lousada (


Studies on languages, cultures, and texts

Description: Discursive, argumentative, pragmatic, and cultural studies on communication and literary texts in French and Portuguese.

Professor in charges: Véronique Marie Braun Dahlet (, Alain Marcel Mouzat (, Tokiko Ishihara (, Paulo Massaro (, Cristina Moerbeck Casadei Pietraróia (, Eliane Gouvêa Lousada (