Literature and history

Research projects:

Critical approaches and the teaching of literature

Description: This research aims at studying some of the critical theories which have appeared since the second half of the 20th century, focusing on how they have established the connection between literature and society.

Professor in charge: Daniel Puglia (


Drama and History

Description: Analytical study of  the representation of historical issues in modern and contemporary North American drama considering its formal characteristics, its figurative techniques, and the relationship between structure and represented matter.

Professor in charge: Maria Silvia Betti (


Contemporary Anglo-Irish Fiction, Poetry and Culture

Description: Study of contemporary Anglo-Irish fiction and poetry within the socio-historical context.

Professor in charge: Laura Patricia Zuntini de Izarra (


Literary Form and Social Process in the English Novel 

Description: Study of the relations between literary form and social process in the English novel, in order to interrogate how historical processes were configured and formalized. The aim is to discuss how historical change imposes on the novelist the need to artistically formalize the materials at his disposal, which often results in internal tensions, fractures and contradictions. 

Professor in charge: Sandra Guardini Teixeira Vasconcelos (


Critical theories and literatures of the diasporas, exile, and migrations

Description: Study on the main utopian elements present in critical and literary texts and their transformations into dystopias and heterotopias in diaspora spaces of English language and of Latin America.

Professor in charge: Laura Patricia Zuntini de Izarra (


British and American drama: forms of history

Description: Research on British and North-American drama in the context of modern and contemporary theatre. Study of the interrelations between theatre, history, and dramatic form.

Professor in charge: Mayumi Denise Senoi Ilari (


Traumatic Violence in the Irish Civil War and its representation in contemporary Irish literature

Description: Which is the most adequale way to represent to the traumatic experience of Civil War in literature? If the mimetic method is adopted, which issues does the author face? Many Irish writers prefer to use the oblique gaze of myth to portray traumatic violence in the Irish Civil War. The project proposes both approaches and the effects of the method’s choice. 

Professor in charge: Munira Hamud Mutran (


Theatre and society: The contemporary stage 

Description: Research on theatrical plays and productions from mid 20th century to the present, concerning relations between theatre and society. Encloses political theatre and its trends, experimental theatre, collective creation theatre, puppetry, among others.

Professor in charge: Mayumi Denise Senoi Ilari (