Translation and corpora

Research projects:


Translation, corpora, and terminology

Description: This project aims to study and develop the following translation resources: bilingual and multilingual, parallel or comparable corpora; dictionaries; terminology and phraseology resources built using corpora. The Corpus Linguistics approach is strongly present in the studies conducted within this project.

Professor in charges: Stella Tagnin (, Tinka Reichmann (, Adriana Zavaglia (


Translation, competence, and teaching

Description: This project brings together studies on the competence of the professional translator (translation competence), on the development of translation competence, and also descriptive, theoretical and applied studies on the teaching of translation, using corpora of professionals and/or apprentices.

Professor in charges: Heloísa Cintrão (, Stella Tagnin (, Ângela Zucchi (


Translation, corpora, and literature

Description: The translation of literary works is studied and described based on corpora, scanned or not, with the aim of understanding their specific characteristics, developing study methodologies based on Corpus Linguistics, critically analysing quality and reflecting on quality assessment criteria for literary translation.

Professor in charges: Adriana Zavaglia (, Diva Cardoso de Camargo (, Stella Tagnin (, Heloísa Cintrão (