Acquisition/Learning of Spanish as a foreign language

Research Projects:

Scenes and scenarios to think about the teaching and learning of Spanish

Description: The main objective is to define the teaching of Spanish concerning its subjects (teachers, students, institutions) and specific situations, which implies: the determination of the complexity level of linguistic structures and discursive aspects during the teaching and learning process, studies on the evaluation methods, and the possibility of considering theoretical interventions in this process. More specifically, it also implies: the production of reading comprehension, oral production, the impact of certain discursive practices in such processes, in addition to the establishment of a corpus of written production in Spanish.

Professor in charges: Maria Teresa Celada ( and Maria Zulma Moriondo Kulikowski (


Contact phenomena: hybrid dialects and the role/roles of the mother tongue in the process of acquisition/learning of Spanish for speakers of Brazilian Portuguese (comprehension and production)

Description: From different theoretical and methodological points of view and according to contrastive studies, our aim is to study the possible effects of the mother tongue (Brazilian Portuguese) on the understanding and production of oral and written texts of students of Spanish as a foreign language, also noting its relation with the dialects that resulted from the contact between these two languages.

Professor in charge: Neide Therezinha Maia Gonzalez (


Teaching/Learning/Acquisition of Spanish as a Foreign Language and Education

Description: This project aims to analyse the theoretical and practical aspects involving the teaching, learning and acquisition of Spanish as a foreign language (S/FL) in regular schools considering complex thinking, from the paradoxical relationship between the whole and the multiple (the parts), i.e., the entanglement of actions, interactions, and retroactions very common along the way towards the target language.

Professor in charge: Fátima Cabral Bruno (