Arabic linguistic studies

Research projects:

Studies of Arabic language in its standard and dialectal realisations

Description: Standard Arabic is the Semitic language that most resembles old ‘Proto-Semitic’ because of the uniqueness of its morpho-phonemic-syntactic characteristics in comparison with Syriac or Hebrew. However, the realisation of the language is not exempt of inflows from the several dialects and sub-dialects employed by the users of standard Arabic. The dialects can be traced back to forms of realisation of the language used before or at the time of the constitution of standard Arabic, and may have a part in its genesis - which is defended or rebutted by the researchers. The projects focuses on the dialectal and standard systems in their oral and written realisations, continuing the studies conducted a few decades ago in international Arabic centres on the description of the living and dead dialects and their interference on standard Arabic, and vice versa.

Professor in charge: Safa Alferd Abou Chahla Jubran (


Descriptive-analytical linguistic studies of Arabic compared with other languages

Description: Linguistic studies of Arabic in Brazil are still rare, although growing. This project aims to develop and consolidate these studies as is done today in this field world-wide. The objective is to describe, analyse, compare and contrast the Arabic language in its different levels (phonetic-phonological, morphological, syntactic, and lexical) with other languages, whether for applied and didactic purposes or for theoretical purposes.

Professor in charge: Safa Alferd Abou Chahla Jubran (